20 Best Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Themes 2019

20 Best Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Themes 2019

20 Best Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Themes 2019
20 Best Gardening & Landscaping WordPress Themes 2019

Anyone who owns their own house is likely to have a garden attached to it as well. As a result, jobs have become available in both the gardening and landscaping areas. Although many people enjoy doing their garden themselves, sometimes getting the result you want has to come down to hiring an external company. A company such as yours. The typical way for finding a landscape pre-internet era was to post classified ads and put stickers up on local restaurants. Since then, things have changed dramatically. The web is now the place to go to find local gardening and landscaping experts. And for you as a business to succeed, you need to have a professional website that can explain your services.

The best business websites use their homepage to explain the details of their services, to reassure customer satisfaction through reviews, and other similar aspects. But, most importantly, it is the visual graphics that you can provide. Galleries and photographs that showcase your previously accomplished work in gardening and landscaping projects. Because people have their own ideas and style, they want to compare their minds with your abilities. And a business website is the perfect place to host your work experience.

WordPress is such an extendable platform that with the right theme you can accomplish all these things and much more. As a result, we are providing you with the following extensive list of the best WordPress gardening and landscaping themes. The list of features ranges from simple sliders to extensive booking systems which clients can use to book a service from you directly.


Greenova is a modern and sophisticated gardening and landscaping WordPress theme with eight different demos varying between one- and multi-page styles. The tool covers anything from gardening and lawn services to landscape architecture, agriculture and all in between. It follows all the latest technologies and web practices to ensure the site a secure and stable functionality. Of course, Greenova is also mobile-ready, compatible with all modern web browsers and refined to deliver a cutting-edge experience.

Different header styles, 27 fantastic internal pages, SEO optimized, testimonial sliders, you name it and Greenova delivers it. No doubt, this is one of the fastest solutions to get your website start attracting new potential clients and grow your business to a new degree. On the journey to creating the ideal page, you will have a ton of fun due to the fact of how quick and straightforward working with Greenova is. Manage and maintain your internet appearance like a pro.



Gardening theme uses a clean approach which boasts a refreshing and elegant design. The elegant allocation of objects within this theme delivers a neat user experience for any type of a gardening website. As your potential clients land on your website, they are immediately greeted by exceptional visuals which you can specify yourself. There isn’t one single better reinforcement for the quality of your work than an example of what you have built in the past. Furthermore, this introduction header is configured to include buttons, such as a “get a quote” button for immediate bookings.

As you continue to go deeper into this theme, you can explore several options for plugins and extensions. Most noteworthy, the Gardening theme includes shopping tools, page builders, and an ultimate addons package. The Ultimate Addons plugin consists of 100+ custom elements for Visual Composer. The level of flexibility for Gardening is very high, ensuring a satisfactory experience of working with this theme.


Garden Care

The clever allocation of website components for Garden Care is a major sales point. As a gardening and landscaping template, this powerful theme is ideal for service businesses that specialize in outdoors services. That being said, Garden Care provides the essential tools for establishing a solid digital presence. For example, you can make sales pages through a custom projects post type. Similarly, you can insert customer reviews anywhere on your homepage. In marketing, a custom review is used as a way to establish trust, and Garden Care theme makes it easy for you to highlight the opinions of your clients.

Another area that Garden Care excels in is customization. You can effortlessly change the location of your logo, customize background colors or images, and even add your own custom header. Furthermore, nearly all components are based on Visual Composer — a stunning WordPress drag and drop page builder. The design of Garden Care remains consistent with clean and intuitive browsing patterns. Take advantage of the many visual areas where you can put profile photos or add visual previews of your gardening/landscaping work.


The Landscaper

QreativeThemes delivers a familiar design feel, but no less a welcome one. And more than 2,500 sales should reassure the fact. As a premium theme, The Landscaper intends to dominate the market of landscaping and gardening templates. It hopes to do so, and in many ways already does, through multiple customization tools, and ready to go demo installations. Furthermore, the emphasis towards project galleries and project showcases is what makes The Landscaper so client oriented. With years of design experience, the QreativeThemes group understands what a modern website needs.

It needs widgets to make sense of the structure! And useful widgets at that. A widget takes up a portion of the design, so it only makes sense that it is useful. As a result, QT integrates widget for displaying testimonials, services, Google Maps, social media, icon boxes, and so much more. Most of all, sidebars are deintegrated from the main container, which allows you to move a sidebar left or right, and even up or down. You can decide which sidebar to use for which page, and which widgets go to that particular sidebar.



When someone names their theme ‘Grass’ you know it’s going to be good! In fact, the SWLABS team built Grass theme around several important questions. Most importantly, structuring the foundation of the Grass theme to fit the needs of gardeners, landscape artists, and those with a passion for community. The personal blog of any website can be considered the social corner. A place where people can come together and discuss similar ideas. With that said, Grass uses a nifty blog design which complements the overall structure which can be found on the homepage.

The blog design itself could easily be applied to a separate gardening website, but why not combine it all together and supplement your business services with a touch of the community. As more mobile smartphones continue to dominate the browsing geography, it’s mandatory for modern websites to meet the standards of mobile/tablet devices. More the reason for a theme like Grass to incorporate a fully functional responsive design which scales seamlessly with the container size.



Etalon is a multipurpose WordPress theme with many incredible attributes. You will get it with tons of documentation and demo content for of its areas of expertise. One of its many experienced areas of lifestyle and services providing is gardening. Enlighten customers/readers about topics such as organic compounds though topic oriented posts. With Revolution Slider, Layer Slider and LightBox you can set beautiful showcase galleries. Show the art and the amazing effort done to get that gorgeous sightseeing. Even an elegant top bar with social media icons enabled is included. Build community projects or personal goals for your planting. Arrange posts in a one page scrolling design that suits your needs.

Etalon for gardening provides client-seller feedback through Contact Form 7 and open comments. Sections to posts testimonies of happy customers and their stories are an option. You will get a support team to aid you at any given moment as well. Etalon, as a premium product, offers many ways for clients to reach you when in need on any consult. You get to build spaces to make clients feel online contact is as helpful as any other. Get this well reviewed and highly versatile theme! Just go for Etalon Gardener!


If you are starting a gardening or landscaping business, make sure you market yourself the right way with a spectacular website. With Handel, you can establish one swiftly and comfortably. Even if you would just like to refresh your existing page, Handel will do the trick as well. In the bundle, you will find a wide variety of demos of different concepts, one exclusive to gardening and landscaping. Indeed, Handel is a multi-purpose theme which you can use for creating pretty much any business website you want.

Of course, the outcome will be entirely responsive, mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and search engine optimized. It is a guarantee that any website that Handel powers will deliver a top-notch experience. You can now push your outstanding services, start a blog, create a portfolio and whatever else comes to mind. Bear in mind, Handel is also compatible with WooCommerce plugin, allowing you to sell goods online, too.



The bespoke design of Cultivators shines in the area of visual images. As a gardening template, it takes hardly any effort to convert Cultivators theme into a solution for landscaping or construction businesses. Using the Bootstrap Grid System and Unyson framework, the powerful combination of modern tools makes Cultivators as fresh as they come. The core of this theme is rooted in three areas. First of which is Services. The Services of your business can be shown as a homepage component, but also as a separate WordPress page. A

nother specific page type is Projects. The creative ideas that you have been working on, and the type of work you have done previously. And lastly, it’s the Blog page. As a gardener or landscaping expert, you have many trade secrets and tips to share with your audience. Whilst places like YouTube are certainly more engaging on the video spectrum, a blog is nonetheless a vital component of online success. All in all, the Cultivators theme revolves around simplicity and accessibility of certain pages.



LaForat is a full-on business theme specifically for gardeners and landscape adepts. The idea behind LaForat theme is for it to function as a bridge between your services but also business operations. One of the ways to illustrate this the best is that LaForat includes a fully optimized shopping solution within the core of this template. So, instead of providing only services related to this niche, you can also promote products. The clean quality of design shines the best when you observe some of the unique features.

For example, you can add custom deals for any given week and include a countdown timer alongside the deal. As a result, clients might be more interested to shop around because they feel you’re forthcoming with your offers. Everything that you see on the LaForat demo website is possible to import using an XML file. So, you don’t really have to do anything other than changing a few header lines here and there. A great theme for beginner businesses, as much as it is for large businesses that have a customer base already.


The Landshaper

The Landshaper from ThemeKalia sets an example of professional gardening, landscaping and lawn websites. Whether your business operations are freelance oriented or you’re an agency, a theme as vivid as this one is the perfect match for you. The introduction area of Landshaper is based on two components. The first one is a full hero image with a welcome message and any additional buttons. While the second is the area next to the hero image. A singular component with a grid interface where you can explain in detail as to what kind of services you provide. This allows for a quick briefing to your customers, letting them understand the areas within which you are most experienced.

In addition to the two introduction components, The Landshaper utilizes more of its grid interface for pages like projects. Since your expertise reaches outside of gardening alone, you can use projects to show real life examples of your previous work. Clients can navigate through projects using Category tags, or pagination if that’s how you decide to set it up.



The feeling of freshness from the Landscaping theme make it an appropriate selection for local gardeners and landscape enthusiasts. A combination of powerful plugins and customization tools can put you in the driver’s seat of design management. WordPress’s own Live Customizer must be the easiest tool for design management ever built. And it gets even better when a theme like Landscaping uses the Customizer API to enable further customization. Furthermore, whatever changes you make on your site will seamlessly transition over to the mobile version of your site as well.

In addition to these great customization tools, Landscaping integrates a digital shopping solution which can be used to sell products or services. Furthermore, the shopping cart is largely AJAX based, making your store easy to navigate and without clunky page refreshes. Business owners from all parts of the world are welcome to use Landscaping because of its native translation ready interface.



The compact alignment of Lawner makes for a special design experience. As far as web presence is concerned for service businesses, you have to seek out designs that provide tools for certain business operations. For garden related businesses, it’s pages like Services, Projects, and if possible, a way to add a photo Gallery. Adding a photo gallery makes for great testimonials and shows the actual final result of what you create. The Lawner’s gallery system uses two styles, but both are grid based.

Anything seen within the preview of Lawner can be activated on your site with a demo import functionality. Furthermore, the Lawner is compatible with WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, and Visual Composer. In addition to the wonderful tools that these plugins provide, you can experiment with Parallax and custom shortcodes which are part of the final theme package.



Planter from BliccaThemes is ideal for professional businesses who operate within wealthy areas. Technically, any theme could be customized to fit the criteria of wealthy clients, but we have to say that Planter executes this concept exceptionally well. The large content areas combined with succinct widgets create a truly modern atmosphere. Needless to say, the high-quality design is largely based on Bootstrap, a world famous front-end web development framework. And to further enhance the customer experience of design customization, you can try out custom page building using Visual Composer.

But, beyond the page building tools and the fancy frameworks, you also get a handful of unique features. One of them is a unique Header Builder. A tool for adding, editing or removing elements from your homepage headers. The header of any website is generally the first thing that visitors notice. As a result, making the header area as diverse and concise as possible is a pathway to success. Within the footer area of Planter, you can insert business information, add numerous social media links, and even email subscription forms. All this and a stellar responsive layout makes Planter a wholesome choice for gardening and landscaping ventures.



ImiThemes are highly experienced WordPress users who produce unique and authentic WordPress themes. While GreensKeeper isn’t their flagship theme, it doesn’t stray away from their track record of designing things with common sense. A design might look absolutely amazing and have hundreds of great features, but if none of it flows together then the theme is hardly useful. As a result, ImiThemes have infused GreensKeeper with just enough creative features and design elements to make it appealing to the masses. Everything else, like shortcodes and content grids, is based of design precision and how things affect one another in the larger picture.

At the base of GreensKeeper, you are using Bootstrap for all major design elements, while Visual Composer complements the structure of the homepage. A Revolution Slider ensures that sliding images are always shining bright, especially on mobile phones. Any area where content is included, you can switch from a Grid to a List view, or revert back from List to Grid. The gallery function of GreensKeeper is managed by Isotope Galleries plugin, a $25 value which is included at no cost.



If you are running a business that vibrates with nature, it is only pertinent to use a tranquil theme. Fortunately, the Khidir gardening and landscaping WordPress theme will serve your respectable cause. Concentrating on certain niches such as environment, ecology, health, biology and many more, this theme lets you clearly visualize the beauty of Mother Nature in a website. Focusing on this category can only enable excellence especially when businesses and people, in general, are becoming more conscious of environmental concerns.

Khidir has flexible layouts, advanced features, cool effects, unlimited blog posting and many other qualities. It even has a WooCommerce integration for online selling. Select between four ready-to-use demos and couple the one you fancy with your style and branding for a customized masterpiece that will drive your gardening or landscaping business forward.



Yoland from AncoraThemes takes things to a modern modest level. The professionalism within Yoland is evident from the moment you open the website. Landscaping and even gardening to a certain extent are works of design, and so it goes a long way when your design implements elements that reflect the actual concept of design. And you can even open a digital storefront with a fully supported WooCommerce installation. Furthermore, the structure of Yoland is flexible enough that both freelancers and agencies can use this theme to promote their services.

The layout is divided into custom options as well, any page you create can be structured as a boxed or full-width page. Likewise, Yoland supplies its own headers that diffrentiate based on business requirements. The widgets package could be the most extensive we’ve seen for these types of themes. Starting from social media streams, all the way to content sliders and shortcodes for widgets in particular.



The Ecomanic is a responsive multipurpose WordPress theme with a clear focus on businesses related to gardening. So, if you operate a business like lawn services, landscaping work, or gardening, then Ecomanic is a theme to consider. But, not before you learn what it has to offer. Though, the best way to go about understanding a theme is to preview its demo homepage. You can do so by clicking the Demo button below. In a market like Gardening and Landscaping, it’s all about personality and character. And Ecomanic has an eco-friendly character that implements hipsterish design patterns.

The fluidity of scrolling, the flexibility of design, and a fully equipped catalog with demo content. It’s just a few of the major things that make Ecomanic a sought after theme. The homepage, blog posts, and custom pages have had their metadata altered for best SEO results. A codebase of HTML5 and CSS3 ensures sleek performance and super fast loading times. Keep in mind that the most important lesson in digital marketing is website speed, which Ecomanic manages to optimize better than anyone else.



Gardenista from Saturn Themes manages to pull together an awesome experience for any gardener or landscape business owner. The fresh widgets and use of green colors make for a relaxing user experience. In design psychology, the green color emphasizes peace, wealth, and stability. And gardening is all about peace, isn’t it? A well-structured garden helps to tie together the household, which is why so many people are looking for professionalism to help them achieve the look that they seek. And with Gardenista you can position your business at the forefront of gardening services. Services and Projects pages have had an extra time put into them to ensure high conversion rates.

And other components while familiar, use a style that’s isn’t typical for a niche like landscaping. In the “Why Choose Our Business?” section you can add card tiles which depict your services and your overall expertise in them. Whener a visitor rolls over a specific point, the card tile unrols a text description. At the business end of things, you want to onboard clients as quickly as possible. This will be done using the request a quote widget. A simple component divided into two sections. First for an image, and the second for the query form. All these widgets, forms, and components are manageable through Visual Composer for any necessary customization.



YoloThemes has a modest 3,000 customers which praise their work for creative expression and flawless functionality. The BeGreen WordPress theme is a multipurpose beast for gardeners, planners, and landscape workers. BeGreen gives its users an opportunity to express their business without any strict limitations. A WordPress theme with as many elements, shortcodes, and components as BeGreen requires some example showcasing for it to be understood fully. And wouldn’t you know that YoloTheme provides their BeGreen customers with 12 homepages, 4 blog pages, and 7 pre-defined layouts for header and footer sections. And that’s just the homepage design.

When using BeGreen you will be managing your projects using Project Styles. These styles are designed for showing off your gardening or landscaping projects. At the moment, you can choose from 10 project styles. Some examples include slideshow, gallery grid, video layout, and masonry.


Landscaping WP

ThimPress is a Power Elite Author with 20,000 sales on the marketplace so far. A number like this guarantees a level of self-awareness from the ThimPress designers. When your themes are so popular, you can’t help but do your best to make the next theme the best one yet. And such is the case with Landscaping. A remarkable premium theme for landscaping businesses and freelancers. A theme that encompasses the origins of landscaping, but doesn’t fail to complement with business features as well.

And in a business like landscaping, the most important feature is clarity. The clarity of services and simple way to navigate a portfolio. Both of these features are extensively optimized within the Landscaping theme. On the homepage, you can preview snippets of what these features look like, but the real magic happens when clients open the pages individually.



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